Jungle Chains

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World in Jungle Chains

Jungle Chains is an addictive puzzle game. On the playing, screen is a board filled with animals trapped in the grid. You need to save them in a limited time.

Jungle Chains will bring you an adventure full of interesting things. It takes you to wild lands, lush forests, and many animals. There are fishes, birds, snakes, and chickens. Each one has a different color that increases the beauty of the forest. But unfortunately, all are caught in the net. You need to connect and destroy the grid to free them in a limited time. When you are completely freed, you will complete the level. At higher levels, you will meet many different animals. The game will have 36 different levels for you to conquer.

Connect the animals

This is an entertaining game that requires logical thinking. Your task is to rescue all the animals from the net. But in a special way, it is to connect the same animals together to create an explosion. You need to use the mouse or use your finger to drag on the screen to connect them. Note that there must be 3 or more animals for the connection to be counted. You can drag it up and down freely if the link is not broken. The longer you drag, the more Chains you will create and the more points you will get. In a limited time of 5 minutes, you need to complete the task of rescuing all the animals. If you have too much time, you will gain more points and pass the level, if you are short, you will lose. Pay attention to the animals in the corner. It will be very difficult to break their net.