Jump And Hover

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Adventures of a three-legged character

A blue alien creature in Jump And Hover is on an adventure in different mazes. You need to help it avoid danger to reach the destination gate.

The character in our Jump And Hover is very special. They are an alien species and have three legs. Both of them are cube-shaped and their eyes are square as well. This cute character is having extremely interesting adventures. He goes everywhere, through a lot of mazes to experience. You must accompany this alien to reach the destination gates. It is black and always rotates, just get there and you and the character will pass the level to a maze with different paths.

Journey with a three-legged character

To be able to help our three-legged aliens move you need to use the AD key or the arrow keys. Hold down the W, Up, or SPACE key to jump and hover. Keep an eye on the green bar on top. It is your energy. When you run out at the end of your energy you will start falling. Grab the mid-air battery to recharge your batteries. Remember to align your energy carefully if you don't want to fall on the red-colored platforms and lose the game.