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Rules of iScribble

iScribble gives you a competitive playground with extremely attractive multiplayer. In this game, destroy your opponents and create a huge land for yourself.

Start the game

From the first moment you join this game, you have chosen your favorite color. Then you and the other players will enter the same white land. Everyone will be colored squares with small tails going around. Each player will have their own color and a dramatic game of colors will begin.

Win against your opponent

In this game, you need to be agile and not give way to anyone. Everyone will use the mouse and move around the playing screen. You just go and form a closed circle, that's your land, bring your color. You get creative and move to make a bigger circle, that's your land. This is a game of taking land from everyone. Wherever you move, the stroke with the corresponding color will be displayed. The more creative, the bigger the land, the more wins you can win. But the amount of land available to the players is limited, so they all have to fight for the land. You draw and the marked position is yours when you complete a closed circle. Then no one will be able to rob your land. So how to rob other people's land? Take advantage when they are not paying attention, go through, and crash into the player, then the opponent has been eliminated and quickly retreats to that area. Pay attention to safety because your opponent can do the same to you.

Tips for playing iScribble

Among the many outstanding colors of you and your opponent, pay attention to the corner of the screen that will have a map of each of your lands and those of your opponent. If you see an opponent dealing with you, quickly draw the end of your circle so you don't disappear. Grow up and be the last survivor to become a tycoon, no one can harm you.