Idle Mining Empire

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Become a professional miner

Play Idle Mining Empire and transform into a hard worker with the workers. You will start the process of mining ore, processing, and selling for money.

Coming to the idle game Idle Mining Empire, you will be a manager of a large ore mine. Of course, at the construction site, there will be workers with you to participate in this mining. You have to manage everything that has to happen according to the process from mining to processing ore and selling for money. Each process will be professional workers standing in each array. These workers are very hard working, but without your guidance, these people will not know what to do and stand still. You and them work together, push each other to speed up and become a rich professional miner.

Work progress

Guide workers to work

The working process will be to dig ore, process them, and finally sell them for money. At each step, there will be a worker at the top of each process to do the work under your control. The first is to dig ore and click to control the miner until the display is filled with blue lines. Then continue to click on a worker on the elevator for him to go down to get ore and preliminary processing. Finally, click on the top worker to let him bring the complete ore to sell for money. This process will be managed and repeated by you.

Upgrade and develop

Once you have earned the income, hire more workers and make them work automatically. The lighting above the workers will help everyone's work progress faster. However, its use is limited. After using it, you need to wait for a while to use it again. Do everything to increase work efficiency to earn money. Once you have money, you can continue to increase the productivity of workers. Besides, you also need to constantly improve production facilities and warehouses to increase output and attract investment capital from investors in the market.