Idle Island

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Adventure trip to Idle Island

You have a tour with the princess at Idle Island. Here, she was kidnapped. To rescue the princess, earn money to build bridges, and participate in battles.

You are a stick man close to the princess. One day two people had a trip to a deserted island to explore and want to build on. Unfortunately, as soon as she got off the boat, the princess was kidnapped by bad guys. They ran as fast as they could to the remote island. To get there, use your strength to build bridges, and fight with bad people on them. After rescuing the princess, continue the journey to discover more islands and expand your lands.

Journey to rescue the princess and build the island

First, when you want to rescue the princess in Idle Island build bridges so that you can go to islands distant. To do that, you have to move the mouse and left-click to cut trees, collect stones, etc. When you have cut many, you will be able to open the people to join in the construction with you. You will in turn build houses, build houses, shops, etc. After meeting the conditions to open the bridge, you will be able to go to another new island, you will collect other resources. But each island has bad guys waiting for you. You need to destroy them all to get gold and keep yourself safe. Then fighting your journey will reach the island with the princess. You need to fight bravely and save the princess. Your enemies are very strong, so use the gold you earn by killing the bad guys to upgrade your weapons. When the princess is finally safe, continues to fight, discover and collect items on the strange island. In this journey of discovery will you become rich and the hero of the islands?