House Of Hazards

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The dangers in the House Of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a challenging game with many players. You and everyone are in a house with many dangers. Carefully dodge and you take the marked objects.

You are participating in a challenging game with many different players in a house. From the outside, it seems to be a cozy house full of objects. You've been cheated. This is a strange house. The danger is always lurking around you. For example, chandeliers that automatically fall when you walk in, kitchen cabinets that open automatically, toasters that explode automatically, etc. Going here you will also have to encounter dangerous situations.

Gameplay of House Of Hazards

You and the other participants in the game will take turns performing the task. Everyone will follow the directions to the objects marked by the green arrow. Getting it is not enough. You also have to go back and forth. The dangers along the way you have to face are not simple.

This game takes turns players will play. You play first until you die, it will be the next player. When all kills are gone, resume your turn from where you lay down. Among the players, whoever completes the mission first will win. Try to follow the directions along the way, don't go in the wrong direction.

Control the character to escape

Player 1

  • A to turn left.
  • D to turn right.
  • W to jump.
  • S to fire/ crouch.

Player 2

  • J to turn left.
  • L to turn right.
  • K to fire/crouch.
  • I to jump.