Haunted School

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The Story of the haunted school

Haunted School is an action horror game. You need to banish the spirit of the child who committed suicide so that the school can return to peace.

At this school, a female student committed suicide in the school. Since then, in the classroom next to the toilet at night, strange phenomena always appear. Everyone was scared and didn't dare to go there. You alone are strong, you come here at night and start looking for tools to scare away that ghost. Will you be able to do it or will you be killed by her?

Gameplay of Haunted School

Search for items to survive

You need to wander the corridors of this ruined school in search of answers. Around everything is dark, but it is easy to make you recognize the locations with weapons. At the beginning of the game, you will find a shotgun. It will help you avoid the girl's spirit for a short time. Then you need to immediately go find the information that the priest left before the gun runs out of ammunition and is killed.


  • WASD or arrow keys to movement
  • E to pick up the item
  • R to reload
  • C to crouch
  • Left-click to sprint
  • LMB to shoot
  • G to drop the item
  • Button 1/2 to change the slot
  • ESC to pause