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What is Hangman?

Guess the secret crossword in Hangman by matching the letters together. If you guess wrong, the stickman will appear, wrong many times he hangs and you lose.

Hangman is a special word puzzle game that is loved by many people because of its interesting gameplay. Why? Do you think this is a charade game involving a hangman? Because in the game, you still have to solve the secret crosswords according to the given theme. But if you miss a character, next to it will automatically appear a stroke. From the hanging rope, head, legs, arms, etc, and until you complete a stickman, then you will lose. If you win you will get bonus stars. There will be levels for you to try to solve puzzles with each crossword. Are you ready?

Solve word puzzles

You need to guess a letter by clicking on it or typing it on the keyboard. You will score points for each letter and by the end of the level, you will have many stars. Get the highest total score after 5 rounds to win the game and earn a trophy. Remember you must pay attention to the topic of the question along with the number of characters available. If the subject is pet and there are 3 crosswords then try typing cat or dog. Since your wrong answer will make a stickman hangman, think carefully.