Google Doodle Baseball

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The description of Google Doodle Baseball

Do you want to join a baseball game with Google Doodle Baseball? Play the game and transform into a professional baseball player and hit the oncoming balls.


You will join a fun baseball game. The players here will be cute characters such as orange juice cups, apples, boxes of corn, etc. Each time you hit you will change the character once. Your opponent's team is the golden peanuts. They will continuously throw the ball. You just need to stand in the right position, ready to wait for the ball to come and hit to score. If your speed and time alignment skills are good, you will have a high rank on the leaderboard.

Some terms in the game

  • Home Run: this word will show on the screen when you hit the ball correctly. No one catches the ball and you start running. The farther the ball is, the more points you will get.
  • Strike: This word will appear when you do not hit the ball. Each time it takes a life.
  • Single: you hit the ball but your opponent catches it and no points will be counted.
  • +1 Run, +2 Run, etc: appear a lot when you hit the ball but get caught.
  • You're out: you've run out of 3 lives, you lose.

Become a good baseball player

How to control

When you start playing Google Doodle Baseball you will enter a screen playing in the field full of tension. Without giving you time to prepare, the opposing team threw the ball at you. Don't worry, hold the stick in your hand and use mouse clicks to hit the ball far away. This requires you to know the right timing and the right time to rotate the club, the ball will fly away and far. Flying away is to prevent the opponent team from catching your ball. Then you start running towards the home team and see the score you get. As you continue to improve your skills, aim for big hits and high scores that will make you a legendary player in the world of baseball.

Tips and Tricks

  • Timing: Be sure to time the ball when it comes to club range to hit.
  • Pay attention to the ball: the opposing team will intentionally create balls that are fast and slow, spin around, or appear blurry. It's a challenge you need to focus on.
  • Try to hit the ball with the tip of the racket to increase the difficulty, the ball farther, and the higher score.
  • Power up: At high levels you will encounter power-ups like “Slow Pitch” that will slow down the ball, making it easier to hit.