Getaway Shootout

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Special Characters in Getaway Shootout

Welcome to the chaotic multiplayer competition in Getaway Shootout. To win, collect weapons and power-ups along the way and get to the finish line first.

When playing the game you will control strange stickmen. People seem to have a hard time moving. Always crouched down as if about to fall. Yet everyone held a racing competition. Aren't you wrong? People who think that they can't stand can run. That's why I need you to control these stickmen. This is an exciting and chaotic game where everyone can only lean forward. Are you ready to invite everyone to form a team to participate in this Getaway Shootout game?

Race in Getaway Shootout

This is a race organized for learning stickmen to compete against each other. A race to the finish line has helicopters waiting. You need to find a teammate to support you and both destroy the opponent and finish first. The game will have many rounds in the race, each taking place in a different location. Join the races one by one and experience the fun

How to win in Getaway Shootout

Character control

To win, learn how to control this special human character.

  • Player 1: you will hold the W, E, and R keys to move forward, backward, and jump.
  • Player 2: does the same thing and has the I, O, and P keys instead.

Remember the players can only move forward, or backward and jump. You can't do anything other than these 3 commands. This is the hard part of the game.

Item income

Once you have difficulty moving, focus on observing the road. You can collect guns and other power-ups along the way to defeat your opponents. Don't ignore your opponent's wobbly appearance. You do not eliminate them, they will eliminate you because the goal of the 2 teams is to reach the destination with a helicopter waiting.