G-Switch 3

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Race in G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is a chapter in the long-awaited G-Switch series of games. Join this multiplayer game to run and try to survive through tough challenges.

G-Switch 3 lets you join a race with up to 8 players. Like previous versions, the G-Switch 3 characters are still very skinny guys. But that makes them have a resilient body to overcome more challenges. They run and twist in the air very quickly and beautifully. Look at them like the superheroes in the movies that we often watch. You and every player control such a character running in a fierce race. Around the saw blade danger or pitfalls appear constantly. Here you can move people on the floor, walk on the walls and perform high gliding techniques. That is why the G-Switch 3 race track always attracts players to conquer.

Conquer the race track G-Switch 3


In G-Switch 3 has been upgraded compared to previous versions, so you will be able to play with up to 8 players. Starting to participate in this game you will be given the choice between normal alone, or Endless and Multiplayer. Your main goal and every player is to conquer this track. Run fast, run away from the targets, and make yourself survive to the end.

Character control

  • Player 1: use the left mouse to control the character
  • Players 2-8: Identify it from the game menu

What are you waiting for without inviting your friends to join, choose cool characters, and show off your masterful skills?