Flip Bottle

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Fun Flip Bottle game

Flip Bottle is a difficult game and is very popular with young people. You need to flip the water bottle up and balance it so it doesn't fall to the floor.

Surely you all know the challenge of flipping water bottles, right? It is one of the extremely interesting ways of entertainment that many young people love. Because you only need a bottle of water to play happily. Throw the water bottle up and make the bottle stand upright and you win. With Flip Bottle, you will flip the water bottle and go around the house. The water bottle is not dropped and reaches the black and white checkered finish line, the fireworks will explode to celebrate your victory.

How to flip a water bottle

It's very simple, you just need to use mouse clicks to let the water bottle fly up and down automatically. The more times you click, the higher and farther the water bottle will fly. Be careful not to make the water bottle fall or you will lose.

Information to keep in mind

Flip Bottle is set in a house, so you will be able to tour the kitchen, living room, etc. So flip the water bottle over the picture frames or furniture so that the water bottle can stand. In the early levels, there will be arrows to guide you to move step by step. Later on, the objects may be farther apart or the objects will automatically fall when the water bottle is just down. Either the objects are too high or too low. That's why you need to calculate the path carefully.