Fish Eat Fish

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Hunting fish in the vast ocean

Fish Eat Fish is an engaging and dramatic multiplayer game. In the vast ocean, you and your opponent need to eat fish of the same species and become developed.

Coming to the game Fish Eat Fish you will be participating in a game with three players. Everyone is a fish trying to survive in the vast ocean. From tiny fish, people have to eat smaller fish to be able to have a big healthy body. This is a long-standing survival tactic. Big fish will eat small fish. A law of nature. In this game you will have an endless ocean tour. All kinds of fish with many colors are gathered here. There are rays, jellyfish, sharks, etc with red, blue, and purple colors. The cool blue color under the sea and the shimmering light from the sun make you feel comfortable. Realistic sounds and graphics make you think you are a small fish in the sea. No guns, no speed and gore everything is right for you and your friends to have fun and relax with your family.

How to Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish can provide an intense game and competition between three players. Player 1 to control his fish, use the keys W, A, S, and D. The two-stroke player uses the arrow keys and the last player uses the mouse to perform the hunt. In the game, we need to avoid the bigger fish and eat the smaller fish. If you can't tell the difference between big fish and small fish, you can try by getting close to them. That fish becomes transparent which means they are smaller and we can eat them. On the contrary, if we become transparent, then quickly move and run away or we will become a nutritious meal for them. Can you eat a lot and become the owner of the vast ocean?