Evil Neighbor

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The Danger in Evil Neighbor

Is your neighbor a killer? When playing Evil Neighbor, your neighbor is the villain who is holding you captive, he wants to kill you, run now.

Your neighbor is a suspicious person. His face is also very scary. You curiously went to his house to check and were arrested by him. Here you learned that he is exactly a murderer. You wake up from a coma and need to escape immediately. Use your strategic thinking and intelligence, open the door to each room, and find ways to protect yourself. Hide the crazy neighbor to get out quickly, you don't have much time. If you get caught, the guy will get angry and you will die too.

Modes in Evil Neighbor

  • Ghost: the neighbor doesn't see you
  • Easy: the neighbor doesn't listen and walks slowly, with no creaking floors.
  • Normal: the neighbor listens a little, and walks a little fast, creaking floors is on.
  • Hard: the neighbor listens a lot and walks very fast. Creaking floors is on.

In addition to these modes, you can choose to add highlight objects, high graphics, and dark modes to suit and easily let you out.

Character Controls

  • WASD: move
  • E: take the item/use the item
  • G: drop the item
  • Space: use a slingshot
  • M or ESC: pause menu
  • H: hint