Egg Wars

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The story in Egg Wars

The world in Egg Wars is taking place in the shooting competition of the eggs. The match is going on extremely intense, join and destroy the remaining eggs.

The gunfight takes place

Our intelligent eggs are living in harmony with each other. Suddenly one day everyone wants to hold a contest to see who has the best shooting skills in this egg kingdom. And then the gunfight took place. All participants have the same goal of destroying each other.

Game Modes in Egg Wars

  • Battle Royale: in this mode, you will play with different players everywhere. To you, they are enemies. You need to hide and find the opportunity to destroy all opponents to win.
    PvP 5x5, you will have teammates to join. You won't need to fight alone. The team that destroys all the opponents in this 10-man battle will win.
  • In both modes each time you kill the opponent, you will get gold coins. The more gold coins you have the more advantage you have. Why? Because in the main menu, there is a Skin section, you will have the opportunity to buy more powerful guns or buy more accessories and change the color of the egg. It will make you look cool against your opponents.

Destroy the opponent and win

If you want your egg to move in this match, use the arrow keys. To make jumps, you will use the spacebar. Go around to find where the opponent is, use the mouse to change the angle of view, and left-click to shoot. You should remember, if you miss the opponent will know your position and they will shoot you back. So aim accurately from the first shots. Keep running and shooting so you don't get knocked down.