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Contest in DuckPark.io

Do you want to join a race with ducks? If you want, play DuckPark.io now to compete with other ducks to see who can't fall off the track and finish first.


Congratulations, you have come to a world full of cute ducks. Ducks in DuckPark.io on a free day talked to each other about themselves. Everyone says that I swim very well and have experienced many things. No one is willing to give in to anyone, everyone brags that they are very good. And then this swimming competition took place in order for everyone to find the best swimming duck. Our duckling also doesn't want to lose, please help him win.


This is a swimming competition but it is actually like racing or speed racing games. The other thing here is that you won't be driving cool racing cars or motorcycles. The race space is just a bathroom with zigzag tracks that are slides. The rubber ducks set out to swim in the bathtub. Whoever swims in first will be the winner. Whoever falls off the track loses. A special feature here is that you will have the right to choose the bathtub you want to enter. That is, you will be able to choose the track and destination you want.

Conquer the track in DuckPark.io

To help the duck join the game and win, you need to know how to control the duck and some tips

Duck control

Duck in DuckPark.io is very easy to control. You just need to use the arrow keys to make the duck turn at the turning points. If you want to finish early in this speed race, you can't forget to hold down the left mouse button to speed up the duck. The faster you go, the more skillful swimming techniques your opponents will have to look at you. The sooner you reach the end of the bath, the more bonuses you will receive when passing the level. A small note is that if you hold down the control keys for a long time, the duck will be very easy to deviate and fall to the ground. Take good control.

Tips DuckPark.io

Because the track in DuckPark.io has a lot of laps and they are very messy. If you want to get to the finish line, only going straight is the fastest way. Pay attention to some rockets and green arrows. These items will help you speed up and fly high. The distance to your destination will be shortened. Along the way, you will definitely encounter holes and strong geysers. Don't go near it. It has to push your direction to move and you will be able to fall or fall back to the starting point. Anyway, still confidently swim forward and prove to everyone how good a duck you are.

Interesting point when playing the game

This is a fast game but has light gameplay. The image of cute rubber ducks along with the sound is very attractive to all players. Makes everyone feel like going back to their childhood to go to the water park and play on the slide. It is comfortable and does not impose a heavy score on rankings. DuckPark.io is definitely a game that pleases everyone in their spare time. Summer is here, let's loose and play games to enjoy the cool feeling.