Duck Life

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Opening in Duck Life

Coming to Duck Life, you will train a little duck to participate in races to earn money. Let's practice running, swimming, and flying with the duck to win.

Once you've clicked on the Start box in Duck Life, you'll be taken to a series of introductory photos. It's about you owning a farm, everything is very peaceful when around only you and the animals. But one day, the storm washed away all the property and the animals that followed were only a duck egg. You are determined to rebuild from scratch, hatch it and train it to be a great duck. You and them will participate in competitions and win together. The more you win, the more money you will have to rebuild your farm. Before participating in the race you should go to the store and buy the duck skill seeds so that he has more energy to win. The shop will also have a lot of new help items and skins for your duck.

Skills training

Flight training: here the duck stands on the hill and jumps downhill to fly. Your task is to drag the screen to change its flight direction. Control the duck to fly up or down to collect coins.

Running training: The duck will be running on a flat field but there will always be dangerous rolling rocks approaching. You and the duck will work together to practice running and jumping skills to avoid them with the familiar arrow keys. Along the way, don't forget to accumulate coins.

Swimming training: In this minigame, the cute duck has to jump into the water and practice swimming. While swimming, the duck faces many obstacles such as flagged boats, ferries, sailboats, icebergs, rock pillars and islands. Therefore, you need to press the up and down arrow keys to jump or crouch to avoid. Here you can also earn coins and accumulate skills for the contest.

Join the races

Beginner Races: based on assessing skill levels through training sessions. If you have skill from 10 to 40 then you should join this race. It's simple and easy, the opponent isn't too strong either. Winning gives you an extra 50 coins along with attractive hats.

Amateur Races: These races are suitable for anyone with a skill level between 40 and 100. In this race you need to climb the railing, jump on the rooftop and compete in swimming. It has started to synthesize all the skills you are trained in at a slightly more difficult level. The champion rewards are 100 coins and a new color or new hat.

Expert Race: As the name suggests, once you have mastered the skill as an expert, you can join this race. These include Up the Volcano, Over the Volcano, Across the River, and the Volcano Challenge. If you win these races, you'll earn 200 coins and a new color for a new character or hat.

World Championship: This is definitely a tough competition for your duck. You will be fighting a lot of good opponents from all over the world. The biggest reward is also 200,000 coins, a new farm and a crown.