Duck Hunter

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Duck Hunter Hunting Story

Would you like to join a hunt? If you like, then play Duck Hunter right away and pick up your gun to hunt mischievous ducks before the gun runs out of ammo.


Another beautiful day came, the sun began to rise, the chickens began to crow, and the birds began to sing. Everyone resumed their daily work. So does our dog. Every morning begins, the dog is awakened by the cries of the ducks. Quite noisy and frustrating. Therefore, the dog's daily job is to hunt and shoot these ducks with a gun. Play as this dog and complete the mission.

Rules of the hunt

Start holding a gun and find the grove of ducks hiding and wait for the right time to shoot when the ducks fly. This hunt is a special hunt. You will not be able to shoot randomly. Each duck will fly up one at a time and you need to hit it. For each duck, you will have 3 bullets to shoot. If you miss all three, you have to wait for the next one to fly up and be loaded with 3 bullets like the original.

How to hunt ducks

Duck Hunter will have each level corresponding to each hunt with different tasks. You need to shoot enough ducks in each given level to unlock the next journey. Aim and adjust the position of the gun direction with the arrow keys or ASDW. After aiming be sure to press the spacebar and shoot. You can observe the bar in the bottom corner of the screen to know how many ducks you have shot down and how many ducks you have not shot. For each duck that flies out, you have 3 bullets to shoot. But ducks are also quite smart, from the moment you shoot the first shot, they will know and fly around. Can you be a good hunting dog and destroy the ducks?