Dreadhead Parkour

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A running competition in the Dreadhead Parkour

An acrobatic run in Dreadhead Parkour is of great interest. In this game, players will perform parkour shots and complete missions with many challenges.


Dreadhead is a clever and agile character in town. He runs around town all day without getting tired. His special skills are parkour and aerobatics. Experience his parkour and complete all the missions that seem impossible.

Mission to be completed

Dreadhead Parkour will have many levels for players to pass. Throughout each level, players will have the opportunity to show off their agility and skills by performing various moves such as sliding, upside down, front flip, and navigating through challenging obstacles. The goal is to collect coins scattered along the way. It is used to unlock new skins for characters and achieve higher scores.

The dangers to face

Players should be prepared to face a series of challenges, including bombs, spiny spins, and long jumps. More parkours in the air. They appear everywhere and consecutively on your path. All require quick reflexes and keen observation to avoid any collision. It's an action-packed, fast-paced environment in which the techie can survive.

How to play Dreadhead Parkour?

  • Forward=D and right arrow
  • Back= A and left arrow
  • Jump=W
  • Slip=S

Note for you

To perform beautiful parkour, combine the up arrow and the right arrow. Remember to adjust the speed so that the character can land safely, if you can't stand and fall from above, you will also lose the game. Remember to avoid the dangers exactly because each level will be a completely different obstacle for you. Those are the deadly challenges you need to overcome.