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The story of the Radish family

The radish father lost his son in Dadish. He needs your help to overcome each challenge and enemy. What do you have to do to help their family reunion?

The children in the radish family are very mischievous. They are very obedient and very pampered by their father. Although the father has 40-50 children, he always loves and pampers them with all his heart. One fine day all his children ran away. They want to test the ability of the father to see if they can find them or not. They have gone a long way and do not know that they have fallen into the sights of evil names. Don't let these babies be turned into radish soup. Please help the father and the whole family reunite.

About Radish Dad


Dadish has built a radish father with a round body of red and pink color. The babies will be smaller and have different colors. Small white roots will make limbs. In general, fathers and children will have large heads and small limbs. Add to that the green leaves on top that look just as adorable as the characters in Dumb Ways to Die.


He is a good father. Despite having to manage so many mischievous children, he never complained a word. He still worked very hard to find and take the children home one by one. Along the way, he greeted everyone warmly and asked for information and ways to save his children. Even meeting bad guys, he chose to avoid them and move on rather than fight directly. His personality is also shown through some humorous dialogue while playing the game. Although he was very worried, when he found his son, he just gently said "I found you". Both father and son high-five like it's just a game of hide and seek. Hard work but no complaints.


He can jump, and walk a long distance without getting tired. He has double jumps that hover in the air. He is also very smart and always finds the shortest path with no effort. Pushing crates, climbing trees, and getting used to all kinds of terrain very quickly are also an advantage for him to find children.

The journey to find children


This adventure journey is full of dangers just like when you join the Temple of Boom. You will have to search everywhere like in vegetable fields or through high walls to find children. You need to master the inherent skills of the radish father to overcome them. Moreover, along the way, you can fall down the drain, get lost in the desert, fall into the sea with dolphins, etc. Each level is a journey to rescue each child one by one in a different environment and map. Sharp spikes or enemies are everywhere to turn you into radish soup. There will be no battle items for you, you can only rely on resilient roots and overcome.


  • Space: jump
  • Left arrow/A: Go left
  • Right Arrow/D: Go Right