Cubes 2048.io

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About Cubes 2048.io

In Cubes 2048.io you will be controlling the cube with numbers. You go to collect smaller blocks, including your opponent's, and make your block length bigger.

Cubes 2048.io is a combination of the 2048 game and the predatory snake game. In the game, you will control the cubes whose values are displayed. You will go to collect other cubes of smaller value. And that means more valuable opponents will also be able to collect you. The value blocks will follow the same rules as in 2048. From 1 square of value 2, when you collect one more square of value 2, you will be a square of value 4. So gradually, You have to go collect as quickly as possible to eliminate all the opponents.

Control the cube

Use your mouse to move around quickly collecting blocks that appear on the playing field. Find a way to avoid bigger opponents and hold down the left mouse button to speed up.


  • x2: along the way try to collect a lot of these items to double your block value.
  • /2: stay away from this item as it will make your cube lose half its value.
  • Speed up item: it will help you speed up quickly to be able to avoid danger and shorten the collection time. But it only works for a short time.