Capybara Clicker

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A world of Capybara

Do you know Capybaras? Those are cute animals. With Capybara Clicker you can completely have fun with a world full of cute capybara and in different scenes.

Are you a person who is afraid of mice and small animals? When playing Capybara Clicker you will have a different look. This is a world of water guinea pigs. It is yellow and completely harmless. You will have to love them for their cuteness. You have entered this world as only you along with those cute animals. You will not feel fear, take care and befriend it. The two will create beautiful memories together in many different landscapes. Start relaxing moments with Capybara Clicker right now.

Taking care of Capybara

Since this is a water guinea pig, of course, our capybaras will love being in the water. You need to prepare a small pot of water for them. Whenever they want, they jump into ponds and rivers to swim. Their small webbed feet allow them to swim very well. They also love to eat fruit as well as sweets. That's what makes them fat. You play and you will see a lot of interesting things about these cute guinea pigs. Taking care of your pets yourself will definitely have a lot of fun here.

Gameplay of Capybara Clicker

In Capybara Clicker, you will need to create water guinea pigs for them to crowd and shop.

Create Capybara

Even the name Capybara Clicker tells you this is a clicker game. Therefore, to create capybaras you just need to use the mouse and click on the big capybara in the middle of the playing screen. It's as simple as that, no challenges, speed, puzzles, etc for you to think about. This is a light entertainment game for you and your friends to relax.


This is a world of capybara so everything here is also purchased and paid for in capybara. That means the more you click, the more capybara you can generate. If you get bored of having to click too many times, buy upgrades, and with each click you will make more capybaras. Or have an auto-click mode to create more capybaras. As such, the number of capybaras that are automatically generated will increase a lot in a short period of time. To increase the fun of the game you can unlock and change the appearance of your guinea pigs. You will be able to change the coat color, get more accessories, etc. You can make your capybara cool, right? And yet, you can also buy and change the surrounding scenery for both. With these, surely Capybara Clicker will be an entertaining game that you and your friends can play all day without getting bored.