Burger Bounty

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The business process of a hamburger restaurant

Learn to run a hamburger restaurant with Burger Bounty. This game simulates all your jobs from baking, serving, collecting money, and expanding your business.

Burger Bounty will let you experience the feeling of managing a hamburger restaurant alone. That means you have to do all the work. First, you will be like an employee cleaning tables and chairs to welcome guests. After the guests want to eat cake you need to remember and go to the kitchen. You will have to learn how to bake like a chef. Set the right time and quantity to have delicious batches of cakes for the guests. The delicious batch of cakes has been completed, you need to bring it to serve customers quickly. Wait for the guests to finish eating, go to collect money and clean up, take the dirty dishes to wash, and continue to welcome the new guest. This process will be quite hard and arduous, but for the purpose of making a lot of money, you will definitely complete it.

Business expansion

First, if you want to earn money, you need to use the arrow keys and click the mouse to follow the service process. Remember, don't let customers wait too long, they will go away. If you want to make money, you have to be fast. When you have less money, you will have a few tables and chairs and serve a few guests. If there are many you can buy more tables and chairs, expand the store. Work hard to serve customers and the restaurant operates regularly to let people know about your hamburger. You can also upgrade your character to grow with the restaurant.