Blumgi Castle

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Battle in Blumgi Castle

Let's make a fun action game with Blumgi Castle. This is the place for you to show off your abilities and bombing techniques to blow up the opponent who is destroying your castle.

This is an exciting battle with cute characters. In the game, you will be a castle defender. Things are going very well until one day some guys have come to set up an army and want to take over this castle. Can't let that go on. Stand up and create bombs and explosives to destroy them. Don't let these villains achieve their goals and don't let yourself be drowned by this wave of monsters.

Control characters in Blumgi Castle

Characters in Blumgi Castle

You will be a cute little stickman character and your opponent is ugly snail monsters. Both are rivals. Although you don't miss it, you definitely have to make the enemy burst and fall into the river. You pass the level and you will have the opportunity to unlock more new characters.

How to control the character

If you don't want to fight alone then Blumgi Castle has a two-player mode for you.

  • Player 1: Press the arrow keys to aim and the Space button to throw the bomb, and press it a second time to explode.
  • Player 2: E and R keys will be used to aim, and A key to throw and explode

The invaders will be more and more numerous, so what's better than when you and your friends destroy them together to protect the castle? There will be many interesting challenges waiting for you at each level.