Basket Random

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Basketball match in Basket Random

An attractive football sports game is waiting for you in Basket Random. When playing, control the stickman to make beautiful passes into the opponent's basket.

Two characters in the match

Basket Random allows you to play in single-player or two-player mode. So there will be two Stickman characters with the same joystick at the same time

  • Dunker is the basketball player in the middle of the playing field. He is in charge of shooting and handling the ball against the opposing team. The pitcher must steal the ball from the opposing team. You need to help the pitcher so that he throws himself in the air and kicks the ball into the goal to score. Try to perform impressive slam dunks to get a high score.
  • Before Dunker was the Defensive: He had to block any goals scored by the opposing team. He can jump or lie down. When you see your opponent throw the ball, use his ability to reduce his chances of scoring.

Both of these stick figures have the ability to jump high but tremble. He couldn't stand, so he accidentally created a chaotic basketball game.

Quests in the match

Each player has their own task and the task of blocking and throwing the ball is clear. You need good control and flexibility for both of you to work together to win matches.

Help the two stickmen to win

Basket Random will be a great game for you and your friends to cooperate and win. The dunker player is controlled with the ASWD key and the defensive player uses the arrow keys. Keep this in mind and act quickly. Can the two fight other stickman opponents through each level and win the basketball championship?