Backrooms Game

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Lost in a horror house

If you know the famous creepypasta The Backrooms, then you should play Backrooms Game to try out the dangers. There are monsters in the rooms, can you escape?

As you know Backrooms Game is inspired by a famous horror house in The Backrooms. The setting is still an abandoned house. Yellow house with horrible smell and cobwebs. The light shines in a corner of the house. Especially, there are many mysterious rooms that are closed. Behind it may be monsters lurking. Here you are alone, you need to confidently face and find a way to escape from here.

Escape process

You can only rely on yourself to get out of here. Let's start this adventurous journey

How to move

The game has a first-person perspective that gives you the most realistic feeling with the mouse to observe your surroundings. To move to each room you need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Escape out

You need to go around and open the door of each room to find the safe path. Maybe you will also face monsters. To make yourself survive you must pay attention to the items available along the way. They will help you fight monsters if you accidentally meet them. Also, pay attention to the instructions along the way and ignore unnecessary noise. Remember to check your watch every 30 seconds to pump oxygen and keep venturing deep inside. You only have 5 lives, if you lose you will return to the beginning. That means you will be locked in the Backrooms Game house for 5 nights and if you can't find your way out you will die.