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Anycolor's content

Anycolor will be a place for you to freely use creativity. Here, there will be pictures available to you and you just have to color them with unique colors.

Anycolor will be very suitable for those who like to paint. Those who have a passion for painting and creativity will surely love this game. There are many art paintings here. You just need to choose the pictures you want and start coloring them like a professional painter. Show your creativity and create unique pictures. Not simply coloring. The color you choose will add to some of your personality and style. Are you ready to create vibrant and innovative pictures?

Create your own pictures

At Anycolor, the first thing you need to do is use your mouse and scroll between countless art paintings. There are drawings of animals, people, food, vehicles, and even abstract ideas. Choose a picture that you love and you start coloring. Next is the color selection process, you can choose colors in the basic palette, neon, classic colors of the 70s, etc. Depending on the different drawings, you will choose the appropriate color sets depending on your limitless creativity. After choosing the color palette you like, let's start painting. There are two ways to color for you. That is to use the mouse to click and fill the color directly into an area or use the mouse to make a brush. There are two paint bucket icons and colored sticky hands for you to choose from. If you have smudged or want to change the color, there will be two icon buttons for you to redo. Finally, click Done and select Outline or Filter and you have a complete picture. You save it and continue to color the next picture. There will be pictures and colors you need to see ads to unlock. In your free time, paint lots of pictures and introduce them to friends and relatives. This is like a small exhibition of your personal paintings. There will not be the best picture here, only the most perfect and creative picture.