Airplane Wash

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Overview of Airplane Wash

Today we start a new journey that is washing planes with Airplane Wash. There are many types of aircraft waiting for you to clean and repair the equipment.

Airplane Wash is a fun game for kids. Here players will be exposed to and know more about many different types of aircraft. The name of the game also says it is all about the work to be done. Players will need the patience to clean each plane one by one. Having many levels means that there are many types of aircraft at the airport such as helicopters that are in need of people to wash and repair when flying too long in the sky. Airplanes with dust, mud, etc will all appear. They are tired and need cleaning and repair in preparation for the next flights. Is everyone ready?

Perform mission

How to practice?

For Airplane Wash, players only need one click to complete everything. Use your mouse to follow each step carefully to keep the plane clean and have safe flights.

Steps to take

The first is to clean the plane, you will need to pull the sponge to scrub the whole plane. Then use the spray nozzle and spray water to clean. This process is quite time-consuming and must clean all the bubbles in every corner of the plane. The final step is to dry. So the plane is completely clean. Depending on the actual damage of each type of aircraft and the player will continue to use tools and repairs.